Ecological policy

Activity of "SEVKAZENERGO" JSC is based on the principles of respect for the environment and care of life and health of population. Therefore the responsible relation to ecology is included into number of the main priorities of the Company. Fundamental obligations of policy of the management of  "SEVKAZENERGO" JSC in questions of decrease in negative impact of the enterprise on environment are: implementation of the relevant legislative and standard requirements connected with ecological aspects; improvement of technological processes of energy production, and also openness and availability of information to all interested sides.

For the purpose of decrease in impact on environment on operating production are provided: 

  • reconstruction of copperagregates for the purpose of decrease in emissions of NOx by change of modes of burning;
  • installation of titanic emulsifiers of the second generations on reconstructed copperagregates for minimization of emissions of a dust in the atmosphere as all acting KA are equipped with emulsifiers (the planned effectiveness ratio of purification of combustion gases makes 99,5%); 
  • giving on emulsifiers of the clarified water from an ash dump for decrease in emissions of SOx from 10% to 15%;
  • installation of stationary metering devices for the purpose of measurement of polluting substances in combustion gases;
  • usage of a reverse cycle of water supply for the purpose of decrease in a water consumption from superficial sources.

These projects have the social value:

  • by application of decisions on reduction of emissions of NOx (burning modes), raise dust (emulsifiers), SOx (the clarified water) increases probability of decreasing environmental pollution;
  • through reduction of specific expenses there is a decrease in consumption of natural resources at energy production;
  • control of tariffs in connection with smaller costs of consumption of natural resources is carried out.

Now "SEVKAZENERGO" JSC has a number of actions for reduction of issues to environment within implementation of the international ecological programs:

The Kyoto Protocol of the Framework Convention of ONN about climate change and the Belgian-Kazakhstan project "Cooperation in the field of Carbon Catching", and as Stockholm convention about resistant organic compounds.

On the basis of the reached results and with assistance of Regional department of ecology in 2011 "SEVKAZENERGO" JSC  became the nominee on an award "For a contribution to ecology" of republican competition on social responsibility of business "Paryz" among the large enterprises of Kazakhstan.