Conditions of connection

The necessary list of the documents  for the contract by the household consumer (the subscribers living in individual apartments of multiroom houses, and also consumers in individual houses on power supply connection):

1 . Documents of title:

  • technical data sheet copy;
  • copy of the identity card of the owner;
  •  the copy of the document confirming the property right on apartment (the contract of purchase and sale, donation, etc.);
  • copy of the book of registration of citizens;
  • certificate of quantity of the living;
  • the act of "North-Kazakhstan REDC" JSC of metering device acceptance (for re-connected apartments).

In addition to the household consumers living in individual houses, for a heating supply it is necessary to have:

2 . Technical documentation on thermal energy:

  • specifications on connection to thermal networks (to Stroitelnaya St., 23, "PHN" LLP);
  • reference of the maximum hour loadings (the expert organization);
  • calculation of maximum and hour loadings (the expert organization);
  • act of differentiation of balance accessory (the expert organization);
  • act of inspection and verification of settlement thermal loadings (Stroitelnaya St., 23, “PHN” LLP);
  • the act of acceptance of "RPU" of thermal energy if it is established (Stroitelnaya St., 23, "PHN" LLP);
  • calculation of losses of thermal energy for a heating main (to Stroitelnaya St., 23, "PHN" LLP).

3 . Additional documents:

  • conclusion of the expert organization;
  • order on purpose of the person responsible for operation of the power equipment.


Situation of high-level networks of the city of Petropavlovsk
on possibility of connection to the central heating supply

1. The parts of highways, connection to which is impossible because of technical specifications:

  • No. 1 TM from No. 2 NANOSECOND to No. 4 NANOSECOND in borders of  Kyzyl Tuyskaya, Zhabayeva, Tchkalov Ave., Altynsarina streets;
  • No. 15 TM from TP-405 to TP-15-12 in borders of Industrialnaya, Zhukova, Naberezhnaya, Przhevalskogo, Pervomaiskaya, Istolina, Sovietskaya streets;
  • No. 3 TM from TP-3-04s to UN-3-12a in borders of Amosova street.

2. The parts of highways having technical capability of new objects connection:

  • No. 2 TM from TP-406 to NS-4 in borders of Industrialnaya, Kyzyl Tuyskaya, Zhabayeva, Novaya streets;
  • No. 5 TM from NS-1 to NS-3 in borders of Stroitelnaya, Novaya, Mira, Himenko streets;
  • No. 22 TM from UN-3-05a to UN-22-06 the Industrial zone.

3. The parts of highways which don't have technical capability of new objects connection:

  • TM No. 1, No. 15 from CHPP-2 to TP-406 in Promyshlennaya Street borders;
  • TM No. 5, No. 10 from TK-5-08 to TK-10-03 in borders of Shukhov, Y.Gashcheka, Rizhskaya, Musrepova streets;
  • No. 26 TM from UN 19-05 to TK-2-16 in borders of Zhabayev, Pionersky Ave.;
  • TM No. 15, No. 11, No. 18, No. 6, No. 2, No. 9, No. 25, No. 3 the southern and southwest part of the city in border of Almatinskaya, Osipenko, R. Luxemburg, Chelyuskina. Satpayeva streets.

4. The parts of highways to which connection is possible in case of reconstruction:

  • No. 5 TM from NS-3 to NS-Borki in borders of Mirs, Semashko, Yubileynaya streets;
  • No. 7 TM from TP-15-12 to TK-1-10 on Krepostnaya St.;
  • No. 19 TM from UN2-08b to UN-3-06 in border of K.Libknekhta, G. Musrepova streets;
  • No. 3 TM from UN-3-12a to UN-30-03 in borders of Ermaka, Satpayeva, Ostrovskogo streets.