To Shareholders and Investors

"SEVKAZENERGO"  JSC – dynamically developing company which carries out generation, transportation and sale of thermal and electric energy.

Basis of joint-stock company is a generating source – the Petropavlovsk CHPP-2. The company includes the transporting enterprises – "North Kazakhstan Electric Distribution Company" JSC and "Petropavlovsk Heating Networks" LLP and also the enterprise for sale of electric and thermal energy – "Sevkazenergosale" LLP.

All shares of the company belong to "Central Asian Electrical Power Corporation" joint-stock company ("CAEPCO" JSC).

"SEVKAZENERGO" JSC takes strong positions in the market of the electric power of Kazakhstan, provides with electric energy of own production for about 412 thousand inhabitants of the North Kazakhstan oblast, central heating – 204 thousand residents of Petropavlovsk, and also more than 5600 industrial and agricultural enterprises of the region.

Main goal of "SEVKAZENERGO" is creation of the advanced energy company along with commitment preservation to environment protection, guaranteeing safe and healthy working conditions for the employees, and also to entering a positive contribution into development of the North Kazakhstan region.

Stability of activity of the Company is confirmed by "Expert RA Kazakhstan" rating agency, which established  a rating of solvency of the company at the A+ level on August, 2013 (very high level of solvency) and a rating of the first issue of bonds (NIN – KZ2C0Y10D695) to the A+ level (very high level of reliability).

The principles of corporate governance in the Company  provides transparency of activity and efficiency of administrative decisions work. Activity of "SEVKAZENERGO" JSC is regulated by Code of corporate governance, and the Code of business ethics which are urged to serve development and building confidence in the Company from the real and future shareholders, consumers and investors, and also society in whole. Improving standards of corporate governance, the Company seeks for stimulation of inflow of the capital and ensuring stability. Accurately debugged business processes allow to reach high productivity.

For the purpose of improvement of business processes and increase of efficiency of made decisions, in the Company mechanisms of internal control are adjusted. Within system of internal control Board of directors, the management and the employees, everyone at his level, participate in identification of potential negative events which can affect Company activity. Taking into account potential risks in the Company  these events are controlled within a risk level accepted for shareholders.

Company Board of directors Committee provides the organization and procedures of risk management and system of internal control operating on risks.  Also Coordination of system of internal control is carried out by Committee on audit at "CAEPCO" JSC Board of directors.  This body promotes Board of directors of Group of companies on monitoring of the made decisions and the processes intended for ensuring reliability of financial statements and functioning of adequate systems of internal control and risk management.

The Plan of Ecological and Social actions (ESAP) which is carried out within the investment program according to Policy of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) concerning environmental protection to the financed EBRD to projects is annually realized in the Company since 2009.

The plan of Ecological and Social actions is a public document which submits the projects directed on improvement of ecological parameters of the Company and labor protection at the enterprises of "SEVKAZENERGO" JSC. The company annually delivers the public report about done works within ESAP.

The main priorities in activity of the Company is personnel policy which allows to maintain professionalism of administrative structure and the staff of the Company at high level and provides high efficiency of activity and realization of the set current and strategic tasks.