North-Kazakhstan Regional Electric Distribution Company, JSC

"North-Kazakhstan Regional Electric Distribution Company" JSC ("North-Kazakhstan REDC" JSC) carries out transfer of the electric power made by the Petropavlovsk CHPP-2, generating source in "SEVKAZENERGO" group of companies.  JSC NK DEGC was founded on January 19, 1999, and in February, 2008 was renamed into "Aksess Energo "North-Kazakhstan REDC" LLP.  On January 15, 2010 the organizational and legal form of the company was transformed to "North-Kazakhstan Regional Electric Distribution Company" Joint-stock Company ('North-Kazakhstan REDC" JSC).

Electric networks of "North-Kazakhstan REDC" JSC  are connected with other power complexes of Kazakhstan and Russia through the power supply network of "The Kazakhstan Company on Management of Electric Networks" (KEGOC).

Primary activity of the company is transfer and electric power distribution in 8 regions of the North Kazakhstan oblast and Petropavlovsk. The zone of service of the Company makes 44 952 The average number of employees of the enterprise totals 1 236 people.

The state licenses on the basis of which "North-Kazakhstan REDC" JSC carries out the activity:

  • the license No. 024415 of 27.04.2010 on the right of transportation of dangerous freights the motor transport (class 3);
  • the license No. 16 GSL No. 000463 from 17.04.2009г. on occupation by installation and construction works.

The structure of the company includes the following divisions:

  • Kyzylzharsk RES, Mamlyutka RES, Zhambyl RES,M. Zhumabayev RES, Akkayyn RES, Esil RES, Shalakyn RES, Timiryazev RES;
  • Southern site of high-level networks and substations;
  • City electric networks;
  • Production divisions and managements.

 On balance of "North-Kazakhstan Regional Electric Distribution Company" JSC are available substations:

  • of 10/0,4 kV – 2320 pieces,
  • of 35 - 220 kV – 163 pieces;

and power lines 13 566,40 km long, from which:

  • Air-lines of 35 kV and above – 4 265,03 km;
  • Air-lines of 10-0,4 kV –  8 912,63 km;
  • Cable lines – 388,74 km.
Requisites of “North-Kazakhstan REDC” JSC

Republic of Kazakhstan, North Kazakhstan region, Petropavlovsk, A. Shazhimbayev St., 144

Tel. +7 (7152) 41-14-51, fax: +7 (7152) 41-09-40,

The certificate on VAT registration record: Series 48001 No. 0004662 as of 22.08.2012

BIN 990 140 000 196, TRN 481 400 068 951

IIK KZ769420422030000025 in "Eximbank Kazakhstan" JSC branch