About Company

SEVKAZENERGO Joint-Stock Company (SEVKAZENERGO JSC, Company) has a vertically-integrated structure, that includes all components of energy supply of North Kazakhstan oblast (generation, transportation and sale of energoresources). The company is the part of  Central Asian Electric Power Corporation JSC (CAEPCO, JSC) company groups.

SEVKAZENERGO company includes:

  •  Petropavlovsk  CHPP-2;
  •  "North-Kazakhstan Regional Electric Distribution Company" JSC (electrocity nets of North Kazakhstan oblast);
  •  "Petropavlovsk Heating Networks" LLP (Petropavlosk city central heating nets);
  •  "Sevkazenergosbyt" LLP.

The total established electro power of CHPP-2 is 359, 5 MWt, central heating energy established power is 802,8 Gkal/hour. The main fuel used in production is coal by Yekibastuzskiy pool.

"SEVKAZENERGO" JSC supplies electro energy (by its own production) for 160,3 thousand users of North kazakhstan oblast, electrocity – 69,3 thousand users of Petropavlovsk city, 2,2 of them are state budget, industrial and commercial organizations.

Electric energy, produced in "SEVKAZENERGO" JSC is delivered to North, Central, East and South regions of Kazakhstan and out of its borders.

The extent of electric main lines of company is about 13 566,40 km. The total extend of electric main lines is 231,5 km.

The company actively introduces сorporate governance principles, optimises business processes and improves practice according to international standards in field of production, health protection and social sphere.