For legal entities

List of the documents necessary for the contract for legal entities

1 . Documents of title:

  • the certificate on registration (re-registration) of the legal entity – for the legal entities registered till December 24, 2012; 
  • the certificate of registration (re-registration) of the legal entity - for the legal entities registered after December 24, 2012; 
  • the SP certificate, the identity card – for SP and the individuals who run business activity without registration of the legal entity;
  • the documents confirming the property right to object (trust management by property, etc.) and the contract of a guarantee of the owner of property (for the consumers who are not owners of objects of power consumption).

2 . Technical documentation:
2.1 . Technical documentation on electric energy:

  •  act of differentiation of balance accessory (Appendix No. 1);
  •  list of devices of the commercial account (Appendix No. 2);
  •  the preliminary application about delivery of the electric power for a year (Appendix No. 3).

2.2 . Technical documentation on thermal energy:

  • specifications on connection to thermal networks (to Stroitelnaya St., 23, "PHN" LLP);
  • reference of the maximum hour loadings (the expert organization);
  • calculation maximum limit loadings (the expert organization);
  • act of differentiation of balance accessory (the expert organization);
  • act of inspection and verification of settlement thermal loadings (Stroitelnaya St., 23,  "PHN" LLP);
  • the act of acceptance of RPU of thermal energy if it is established (Stroitelnaya St., 23, "PHN" LLP);
  • calculation of losses of thermal energy for a heating main line (to Stroitelnaya St., 23, "PHN" LLP);
  • the declared size of annual consumption in the Appendix No. 1-T (Zhumabayev St., 68 "Sevkazenergosbyt" LLP);
  • the order list on the responsible person for power equipment operation

3  .  Additional documents:

  • permission of body of State Energo Service to connect power installations (from above 100 кВт);
  • conclusion of the expert organization.

4 . For budgetary organizations at renewal of the contract for next year:

  •  3 copies of the contract form with the indication of the sum of financing and programm;
  • the declared size of annual consumption (Appendix No. 1-E, Appendix No. 1-Т).