General house needs

Consumed electric energy in a multiroom house is spent in two directions: separately for each apartment and for general use places (landings, cellars, technical floors, garbage cameras, operation of elevators, on-door speakerphones, etc.). The electric power for the certain apartment is considered by the individual metering device (counter). The electric power for the general house needs (GHN) is considered by the all-house metering device installed on border of balance accessory of electric networks on the approved tariff, and after  is given for payment.

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About the housing relations" owners of rooms (apartments) are obliged to participate in all maintenance costs of the general property and the house. Thus the sizes of expenses of each owner are defined in proportion to the occupied space.

In case general meeting made the decision to transfer calculations of ODN on personal accounts, residents are obliged to pay independently for the electric power consumed on ODN directly in "Sevkazenergosbyt" LLP.

Also the method of distribution of expenses for ODN of each of apartments, proceeding from quantity of residents and the square of the apartment (individual share), or evenly is determined by all apartments by general meeting of owners of apartments.

The solution of general meeting of owners on this matter is made out by the protocol and it is provided in "Sevkazenergosbyt" LLP.

After the Protocol of the solution of general meeting of residents of the house is provided, calculation for the electric power on ODN is shown to each certain apartment, and residents independently pay directly in "Sevkazenergosbyt" LLP.

At any option of calculation the decision of owners of apartments has to conform the Law requirement

  • the decision is made owners of rooms (apartments) on meeting;
  • meeting has the right to make the decision in the presence of not less than two thirds of total number of owners of rooms (apartments);
  • the solution of meeting is made by a majority vote from total number of owners of apartments;
  • the protocol of meeting is signed by the chairman and the secretary of meeting. The list of registration of owners of the rooms (apartments) participating at meeting is applied to the protocol.

During decision-making on this matter it is necessary to consider the following. At payment of electric energy on ODN directly in "Sevkazenergosbyt" LLP, the relations are built on the basis of the Legal solution of general meeting, and if there is a debt each of owners takes personal response.

At this scheme of calculations on ODN residents actually use electrpower, therefore each consumer must take responsibility for electric power payment directly to the energy exporter, that now is realized in the relations with "Sevkazenergosbyt" LLP.