Energy saving

Process of economy of energy resources and increase of energy efficiency was always actual, and now this question is especially sharp and mentions each of us. It is not accident. that the question of energy saving is considered at the level of the state and is taken into a rank of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About energy saving and energy efficiency increase".

Traditionally energy saving is understood as process of decrease in consumption of energy at existing technology and intensity of production.  Energy saving assumes a number of strategic and tactical administrative actions for optimization of interaction of such systems as development, distribution and consumption of energy resources.  In essence, the concept of "energy saving" means the activity directed on effective usage of energy resources.  Energy saving in forms existing today gives essential economic effect and is directly connected with practical realization of strategy of energy saving.

Process of energy saving is most favorable to the consumer of energy resources.  Being an integral part of system of production, distribution and consumption of energy resources, he leads to realization of energy saving actions with economy received thus. Really, the question of reduction of quantity of consumed energy is actual now more than ever, after all time of unlimited and cheap energy resources came to the end and an exit from current situation is energy saving.

"Sevkazenergosale" LLP, being "SEVKAZENERGO" JSC subsidiary, actively supports introduction and an embodiment a state program of energy saving, carrying out active explanatory work on energy saving in the region, making an essential contribution to formation of culture of power consumption.

Experience of the developed western countries (England, France, the USA, Germany and others) confirms that the most effective way of influence on the consumer  introduction of many different tariffs  for the electric power depending on time of day and consumption volumes.

One of actions for energy saving is differentiation of tariffs for electric energy on zones of days. 

Differentiation of tariffs on zones of days is applied for providing rational modes of operation of networks, energy saving stimulation due to uniformity of use of energy and alignment of production schedules of power sources.  This measure is directed to creation of favorable conditions for uninterrupted power supply, and extends on the consumers, instrumented the accounting of the electric power with fixing of indications on zones of days for the settlement period.

For implementation of the program of energy saving tariffs for electric energy work differentiated on zones of days: for the population  two-zonal, for legal entities  three-zonal.

The tariff differentiated according to zones of days, is applied in the presence at the consumer of the multitariff metering device of the electric power. Installation of metering devices is one of the ways promoting energy saving. Metering devices specifically show the attitude as supplier, and the consumer to energy, serve as a barometer for definition of excess technical and commercial losses.

Installation of multitariff metering devices both household consumers, and legal entities stimulates electric power use at night and, as a result, allows to pay the electric power consumed at this time for a reduced rate.

Today in the North Kazakhstan region in one of the first among regions of the republic the differentiated tariffs for electric energy on zones of days are introduced and on consumption volumes are applied to individuals.

The following direction in energy saving is introduction of the differentiated tariffs depending on volumes of consumption by individuals: on one person, on not using and using electric stoves that allows to pay consumption for three levels, the principle of "If we want to pay less - we have to save! " works here.

It should be noted that for living alone pensioners, disable people, participants of the Second World War and equated to them to the persons, not using and using electric stoves, the norm of consumption is above, 100 kWh is established and 120 kWh.

According to Art. 23 of the RK Law  “About natural monopolies and controlled markets”, the subjects of natural monopolies rendering adjustable utilities, and consumers of adjustable utilities are obliged to install all-house metering devices of thermal energy till August 1, 2009.

As electric and thermal energy are goods in the market, therefore, the goods have to be measured.  In this regard the Association makes work on installation of all-house metering devices of thermal energy in the regional center.  During the period from 2009 to 2011 29 all-house metering devices of thermal energy on multystoried houses of the city that is an important question of the energy saving which decision can give considerable economic effect at rather small expenses by means of implementation of automatic control of giving of heat on heating are established.  Installation of thermal counters resolves the most important issues of increase of a heat-shielding of buildings where huge reserves of energy saving are put.

Huge losses of the electric power are connected to negligence from consumers.  Considering that the economy of energy resources begins with each of us, with observance of simple rules of energy saving by us in a life, the "Sevkazenergosbyt" LLP company plans to make educational work among the population in this direction further.

There are easy rules of energy saving, and at the beginning of 2013 the brochure "Energy saving" which will help our clients to study these simple and useful rules was issued.